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the cast of WINGS (1927)

William Wellman behind-the-scenes directing WINGS (1927)

Clara Bow, Wings, 1927.

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Director William Wellman on the set of 1927 ‘Wings’ the first winner of the Most Oustanding Picture (later known as ‘Best Picture’) ’Oscar’

Wings (William Wellman, 1927)

Clara Bow, Wings


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences was founded on this day, May 11, 1927

above - posters for the first ever (and last ever) set of Best Picture winners Wings (Production) and Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans (Unique and Artistic Production)

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1st Academy Award Best Picture "Wings" returns to Los Angeles theaters May 16 ›

If you didn’t catch WINGS at this year’s TCMFF, now’s your chance!

Films in 2012—#114 Wings (William Wellman, 1927)

WINGS just ripped my heart out of my chest, lit it on fire and chucked it against the wall.


Wings on Blu Ray