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The Pit and the Pendulum (1961)

House of Usher on Blu-Ray

Films in 2014—#160 House of Usher (Roger Corman, 1960)

Nine killed her; nine shall die!

the cast of MADHOUSE is very upset halloween’s over…

I wrote about WITCHFINDER GENERAL for the Vincent Price Blogathon


Vincent Price palette- Tales of Terror, 1962


Price. Vincent Price.

The Price Is Right: Vincent Price Matinees! | The Cinefamily ›

No other icon in cinema history has embodied blood-curdling horror across the decades like our main man, Vincent Price. A face and voice that exemplified the genre for the better part of a half-century, Price has left an impression in pop culture so deep that his spooky cinematic legacy endures even to this day, amongst a whole new generation of fans born too young to have seen his films the first time around. Join us and our friends at Scream Factory for a series of October weekend matinees, as we celebrate the legacy of this undisputed master with a ghoulishly glorifying retrospective!


Vincent Price cutting into his 75th Birthday cake with Ratigan, the character he voiced in The Great Mouse Detective. The world is a partier place because this exists.


Vincent Price (1942)

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The Abominable Dr Phibes (1971)

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