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Udo Kier in Andy Warhol's - Blood For Dracula, 1974

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The blood of these whores is killing me.

Udo Kier, Blood for Dracula (1974)

Udo Kier lost 20 pounds in one week to play Count Dracula. On the first day of filming, he was so weak that he could not stand.


Andy Warhol Presents Blood for Dracula (Paul Morrissey, 1974)

Films in 2013—#300 Blood For Dracula (Paul Morrissey, 1974)

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Udo Kier
Born October 14, 1944

“If you go into a forest of film stories, you never can get right through the forest straight ahead; you always have to make some U-turns or whatever, because there’s some trees in the way. And that’s what I’m doing. Sometimes, as an actor, if you make only these intellectual, wonderful films, which I love, from time to time you have to make a film like Armageddon so people see that you’re still around.”

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The Absolute Best of ‘Riget’ — Udo Kier as a ghost/giant, half-demon baby (really)

the more i watch ‘riget’, the funnier it gets

Medea (Lars von Trier, 1988) in stills #6