oh, am i not allowed to reblog my own posts now?

fuck you very much, tumblr gods

what the fuck is a fan mail

what is happening

first tumblr redesigns and now netflix?


the fuck is this shit

wow, so i went to edit my post about the tcm film fest and tumblr ate the whole thing. thank you so much, tumblr, i really appreciate it.

I’d like to thank my Queue for not posting my queued posts in the order in which they were queued. Thank you ever so much.

I finally found a blog layout I’m semi-happy with.

I’ll probably end up changing it again in six months. Whatever. 

99.9% of my posts are about film, do I really have to tag them #film, or…?

I don’t understand this tag. 

I guess there’s some fandom wank going down?

This is good. This is a good thing for people to be talking and debating and deconstructing personal and collective preferences and prejudices. Good for you, Tumblr. Get that shit. Fandom is really fun for creating imaginary non-canonical universes in your mind and getting carried away with gay fantasies is great (and God knows, I indulge as much as the next gal), but having actual opinions on works of art derived from observation and study and text and knowledge and so on, is also a valid and extremely fulfilling pursuit. And isn’t that kind of why we’re all here? It’s important to recognize the things you love blindly because you love them and the things you love (or hate) because of quantifiable criteria that you defend (or vilify) passionately because a work of art moves you (or your bowels) in a profound and meaningful way.

Disagreement won’t destroy anything! Rejoice in the fact that there exist films that provoke and challenge and frustrate and exhaust individuals in unique and exciting ways. Let’s talk about movies! Movies are great!

This has been an unsolicited opinion post from Sales on Film.

Seems like several of my queued posts have disappeared into thin air, never to be seen or accessed again.

So, that’s fun.



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Let’s never fight again.

As a courtesy to my followers, this username and this profile picture will never change.

Because seriously, I have no idea who any of you are any more.