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The High Sign begins in motion; in a close shot, a freight train—a great blur of wheels and pistons—roars by on the horizontal. Out of nowhere, Buster comes flying into the frame, landing feet-first in the foreground. Our hero gets up, dusts himself off, dons his porkpie, and is off—from one adventure to the next, it seems. It is a fitting start—in medias res—to a lifetime of restless beginnings.  

Buster Keaton: Tempest in a Flat Hat by Edward McPherson

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Buster Keaton in his first short film, The High Sign (with Joe Roberts and Bartine Burkett)

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The High Sign

The High Sign

The crew of The High Sign giving us the titular gesture. From left to right: co-director Eddie Cline, cinematographer Elgin Lessley, unknown, Buster Keaton, and unknown.

The Art of the Gag, Part 1: The High Sign