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“What you have to do is create a character,” [Keaton] once said. “Then the character just does his best, and there’s your comedy. No begging.” He embodied this attitude so entirely in his silent films that you can’t watch him without feeling won over, a partisan of the nonpartisan side.

The Genius of Buster Keaton by Jana Prikryl

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The Goat (1921)

A damn good Keaton short, I was very impressed. Also, nothing is more delightful than Buster + trains, I have decided.

Buster/trains OTP

The Goat (Keaton & Mal St. Clair, 1921)


Buster Keaton in The Goat (Keaton & Mal St. Clair, 1921)

I’m prepping a massive series of articles on Buster Keaton for my blog next week. Get excited, Tumblr.