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Robert Mitchum photographed by Annie Leibovitz, 1995

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Robert Mitchum was actually an accomplished saxophone player often whipping it out at parties or on movie sets and wowing people with his skills.

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While filming their first film together, His Kind of Woman, Bob and Jane got along like old buddies.  From her stand-in and friend Carmen Cabeen, Russell was already well acquainted with some of Bob’s more depraved antics and she had prepared herself for his “shocking side,” but the fact that he was also so “intellectual, gentle, caring” came as a most pleasant surprise. She would rave about his astounding command of the English language—even as he would tell her she was the most inarticulate girl he knew.  He would tease her about her God-fearing ways, but he understood she was no Loretta Young, wallowing in piety.  He loved to tell the one about the pestering reporter who couldn’t believe a girl with her “image” read the Bible and went to church each Sunday.  “Hey Buddy,” she told him, “Christians have big breasts, too.”  She was good-natured, generous, strong-minded when she had to be, a stand-up guy.  Mitchum nicknamed her “Hard John.”  They became fast friends.  “I think she really adored Bob, loved him deeply, but without any hankypanky.  Because she’s a very straight girl. And he loved her.  It was just a marvelous combination,” commented Vincent Price.

Robert Mitchum said of Jane: “Jane Russell is an authentic original. She is pragmatic in her faith and fanatic in her loyalties. She disdains the weakness of vanity, and guards the truth with moral zeal. She tells it how it is.”

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Robert Mitchum, 1940s

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Anonymous asked: Happy birthday! (to Robert Mitchum of course)

yes! let’s enjoy mitchum’s calypso album to celebrate

Robert Mitchum on the set of Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison, 1956.

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1967: 809th Engineers at Camp Ruam Chit Chai outside Sahon Nakon in northeast Thailand. Bad boy Robert Mitchum arrived via helicopter drinking beer.

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We’re so lucky to have all of his [Robert MItchum’s] performances preserved on film. There was and is no other screen presence like his: dangerous, strong but guarded, ever-unconvinced by the actions of those around him, and that odd sense of someone smoldering on the inside but so damn cool on the outside. Now I just want to go home and watch Out of the Past, or Night of the Hunter, or The Lusty Men, or Macao, or Blood on the Moon and soak in every subtle expression and move, every word spoken by that low, mesmerizing voice; just anything Robert Mitchum ever did. —Jim Jarmusch

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El Dorado (Howard Hawks, 1966)

Robert Mitchum doesn’t seem very impressed when Judge Clement D. Nye condemns him to 60 days on prison for conspiracy of possession of marijuana cigarettes.

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Clint Eastwood at the premiere of The Beguiled with Robert Mitchum, 1971.

Robert Mitchum, photographed reading a pin-up magazine in Bernard of Hollywood’s studios, 1950.

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Robert Mitchum

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