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Anonymous asked: top 5 favourite non-american films?

too broad a category to narrow down

henridecorinth asked: Top 5 Favorite Directorial Debuts from the Previous List of Directorial Debuts.



Anonymous asked: Bunuel's debut was Un Chien Andalou.

true, but i was looking at feature-length debuts. un chien andalou is a short film.

henridecorinth asked: Top 5 Directorial Debuts.

eh, i’m just gonna list a bunch of ‘em.

luis bunuel — l’age d’or

orson welles — citizen kane (duh)

sidney lumet — 12 angry men

francois truffaut — the 400 blows

charles laughton — night of the hunter (although idk if ‘debut’ is appropriate since it’s his only film as director)

mike nichols — who’s afraid of virginia woolf?

roman polanski — knife in the water

andrei tarkovsy — ivan’s childhood

dennis hopper — easy rider (same as laughton due to limited output)

david lynch — eraserhead

terrence malick — badlands

tobe hooper — the texas chain saw massacre

coen brothers — blood simple

michael haneke — the seventh continent

rob reiner — this is spinal tap

steven soderbergh — sex, lies, & videotape

robert rodriguez — el mariachi

quentin tarantino — reservoir dogs

the wachowskis — bound

kevin smith — clerks

brad bird — the iron giant

shane black — kiss kiss bang bang

miranda july — me you and everyone we know

martin mcdonagh — in bruges

edgar wright — shaun of the dead

tom ford — a single man (quite possibly a one-off)

steve mcqueen — hunger

there’s a lot i haven’t seen tho.

Anonymous asked: do you only like movies with white people in them?

oh, for sure. i’m a total white supremacist which is why the last post on this blog was from in the mood for love. ONLY WHITE PEOPLE 2KFOREVER.

Anonymous asked: Are you a virgin?

virginity is a social construct


Anonymous asked: are you gay...?


unless this is carrie brownstein. then,


Anonymous asked: Happy birthday! (to Robert Mitchum of course)

yes! let’s enjoy mitchum’s calypso album to celebrate

Anonymous asked: what do you think of whitewashing in hollywood? especially with ridley scotts exodus. white people playing Egyptians like it's still the 1950s.

it’s disgraceful. a shame bc i like ridley scott & the white lead actors in that movie, too. when you look at imdb, there are some actors of color in the cast (most notably ben kingsley), but they are playing supporting roles.

i think this about sums it up:


obvs there are so many factors at play here like the limited bankability of movie stars & studios not greenlighting movies without certain people in certain roles; so on the one hand, you can’t blame everything on scott or the actors, but on the other hand, you’ve got to hold the decision makers accountable & say, like, you know what, why not cast somebody like rami malek or tahar rahim instead of aaron paul (not the lead role, but a significant role that could go a long way in representation). why not shohreh aghdashloo instead of sigourney? or, how about, you know, like actual JEWS (hell, at least the ten commandments had edgar g. robinson).

i think you could probably have still funded this movie with bale as moses (in a compromise), but cast poc in those other three or four key roles, without much of an impact on box office. unfortunately, dollars are all that matter in hollywood & studios are inherently conservative. representation doesn’t even cross their minds, usually.

Anonymous asked: 15 favorite movies?

Lawrence of Arabia
Dead Man
Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans
Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid
Ed Wood
Sherlock Jr
Annie Hall
After Hours
Sunset Blvd
A Woman Under the Influence
Singin’ in the Rain
The Quiet Man
Duck Soup

EDIT: how could i forget Le Samourai?!

Anonymous asked: do you have a top 10 of '13? If you have a pre-existing one can you link me up? I enjoy your thoughts on film!

hi there. thanks for the compliment. here’s the list from last year:

leaversdance asked: Hi, do you have any views in New Zealand cinema? Have you seen any films from New Zealand?

unfortunately, i am pretty ignorant of the cinema of new zealand. i’ve only seen some of the most internationally famous films from that country, like THE PIANO, WHALE RIDER, HEAVENLY CREATURES,  & DEAN SPANLEY.

obviously i’ve seen the LORD OF THE RINGS films, and since then a lot of hollywood productions have been shot in new zealand.

for being such a small country, new zealand has produced a lot of quality actors, too: cliff curtis, sam neill, anna paquin, melanie lynskey, lucy lawless & my fave, zoe bell.

my biggest association with new zealand & film is the new zealand film archive, where a huge treasure trove of “lost” movies were recently recovered. so, my biggest view on new zealand cinema is basically that i want to raid their national film archive. call me, NZFA!

Anonymous asked: michael bay is no director tho

r u sure


cruaute asked: i was so excited for the list cuz i trust ur taste and then "12.) Nymphomaniac Vol. I & II" BYE

that list was compiled via the individual ballots of the writers from—NOT my individual ballot (which i just posted). it was based on a points system, so the top 15 films with the highest points were selected and then one of the writers who voted for each movie was chosen to write a blurb about it for the piece.

there are several films on the MM list which i haven’t seen & also some which i would not consider the best/my fave of the year.

plus-low-overthrow asked: Hey, Two of my favourite films arrived in 1955, 'East of Eden' & 'Bad day at black rock' - i was wondering was this an exceptional year? And how exceptional considering other output? hope you can enlighten me. regards plus.

hi there,

this is actually a really fascinating question that i never considered before. when i think of 1955 in film, there’s nothing extraordinary that comes to mind immediately, except for james dean (his ascendance & death).

1955 comes after the HUAC/black list drama, but also right in the middle of the international arthouse film movement.

in 1955 alone, you have films from antonioni, th. carl dreyer, raj kapoor, satyajit ray, mizoguchi, fellini, david lean, bergman, de sica, alain resnais, max ophuls, kurosawa, bunuel, andrzej wajda, & henri-georges clouzot. that’s a pretty incredible line-up.

at the box office, james dean & musicals were popular (GUYS & DOLLS and OKLAHOMA!), but MARTY was the big winner at the oscars.

1955 was a pretty great year for film noir: THE BIG COMBO, NIGHT OF THE HUNTER & RIFIFI, KISS ME DEADLY, KILLER’S KISS (only kubrick’s second film).

you also have sirk’s masterpiece ALL THAT HEAVEN ALLOWS and two films from hitchcock: TO CATCH A THIEF & THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY.

the biggest grossing movie of the year however? disney. LADY AND THE TRAMP.

so, while i don’t think 1955 will go down as a singular year in film history, it’s clear there was a lot of interesting film movements going on at the time, both in the US (musicals, noir, westerns) and abroad.

(for comparison, 1939 & 1962 are generally regarded as exceptional years for movies. i would stick up for the late silent era [roughly 1927/28] and the end of the studio system/hays code [roughly 1968/69] as well)