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i hate to do this, but…

i don’t really talk a lot about myself or my ~real life~ on this blog, but the time has come where real life has starting to impinge on the content and quality of the “film” part of salesonfilm.

the truth of the matter is, i’m broke. i can barely afford to pay my rent & bills, let alone go out to movies. i have to cut down on critics screenings, too because of the cost of gas and public transportation. i’m working at an internship right now, as well as supplementing with part-time jobs but it’s simply not enough to survive + provide the content you all deserve on this blog.

i have the tcm film festival coming up at the end of the month, but i need your help. i get in for free but i have basically no cash to pay for food, coffee, or accommodations during the fest.

to wit, i’ve set up a paypal account ( for anyone who’d like to donate to the salesonfilm is broke foundation.

if everyone who follows this blog donates just $1, i could literally pay for almost all my living costs for an entire year. even a couple bucks from a few dozen people could mean the difference between me choosing between paying bills and going grocery shopping.

i’m willing to take commissions for reviews, as well, provided it’s a movie i can access for free online (or i have on dvd). feel free to choose this commission option, as it will make me feel less like a pan-handler and more like a human who gets paid for their writing.

i appreciate the support and encouragement i get through this blog everyday. it really means a lot to me.

love and cheers,


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introducing the newest member of the salesonfilm family…tony montana

(monty for short)

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on a personal note, happy [redacted] birthday to my wonderful and beautiful mom, pictured here being a badass


my work space needed a kick in the ass

it’s just so nice to spend the evening with pleasant, polite, and knowledgable gentlemen at the local public house

especially when one of them looks like JGL