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the social media person at the BFI needs to chiggity check themselves because that’s an orson welles quote and they should know better

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Michael Pattison on Edward G. Robinson and Orson Welles in The Stranger (1946).

a few brief notes on THE LADY FROM SHANGHAI

the lady from shanghai is such a peculiar eccentric batshit mess of a movie that could only have been made by a genius or a madman (or both). so much screentime is given to quirks & ticks, but they all accumulate & add to the nightmarish “otherness” of the feverish voyage.

also interesting is that unlike hitchcock (& many others), welles seems to bend over backwards to include as much of hayworth’s body in every shot as is possible (never cutting, never piecemeal). even her close-ups are gigantic in a way where the viewer is almost swallowing her, consuming her. the entire film is perfumed by her. now that’s love.

what an insane movie.

Films in 2014—#018 The Lady from Shanghai (Orson Welles, 1947)

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Citizen Kane

Director: Orson Welles

D.O.P: Gregg Toland

The Trial — dir. Orson Welles


Orson Welles and Bernard Herrmann. Circa Citizen Kane.

young orson welles as a student

Welles’ The Stranger on Blu-Ray


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Orson Welles on the set of “Citizen Kane”

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The Lady from Shanghai (1947) - Directed by Orson Welles

F for Fake // dir. Orson Welles

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