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Japanese Poster for F is for Fake (Orson Welles, 1973)

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Rita Hayworth and Everett Sloane in Orson Welles’s The Lady from Shanghai

orson welles: food critic #typicallygerman

orson welles demands a cape


Orson Welles sketching, ca. 1940s

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Orson and Rita

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The Third Man, 1949 (dir. Carol Reed)

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Kevin B. Lee on Orson Welles's Too Much Johnson as a precursor to Citizen Kane (1941).

For more background on Welles’s “bold experiment,” see Sean Axmaker.

A few months ago, I attended a public screening hosted by The Academy of the long-lost Orson Welles experimental film/theater project TOO MUCH JOHNSON.

A few days ago, The Nation Film Preservation Fund put this reassembled footage online with extensive liner notes and context, available to stream and download for free.

In the interest of blogs who might want to embed/share the whole footage, I’ve uploaded the work print to YouTube

Please visit the NFPF for more information. 

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Orson Welles on the terrace of the Monte Carlo Casino photographed by Edward Quinn, 1952

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Orson Welles by Robert Del Tredici.

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Citizen Kane (1941) Dir. Orson Welles


The Lady From Shanghai (1947), directed by Orson Welles

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Films in 2014—#094 Too Much Johnson (Orson Welles, 1938)