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Orson Welles by Robert Del Tredici.

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Citizen Kane (1941) Dir. Orson Welles


The Lady From Shanghai (1947), directed by Orson Welles

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Films in 2014—#094 Too Much Johnson (Orson Welles, 1938)

The Hearts of Age (Orson Welles & William Vance, 1934)

how much johnson? TOO MUCH JOHNSON!

the social media person at the BFI needs to chiggity check themselves because that’s an orson welles quote and they should know better

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Michael Pattison on Edward G. Robinson and Orson Welles in The Stranger (1946).

a few brief notes on THE LADY FROM SHANGHAI

the lady from shanghai is such a peculiar eccentric batshit mess of a movie that could only have been made by a genius or a madman (or both). so much screentime is given to quirks & ticks, but they all accumulate & add to the nightmarish “otherness” of the feverish voyage.

also interesting is that unlike hitchcock (& many others), welles seems to bend over backwards to include as much of hayworth’s body in every shot as is possible (never cutting, never piecemeal). even her close-ups are gigantic in a way where the viewer is almost swallowing her, consuming her. the entire film is perfumed by her. now that’s love.

what an insane movie.

Films in 2014—#018 The Lady from Shanghai (Orson Welles, 1947)

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Citizen Kane

Director: Orson Welles

D.O.P: Gregg Toland

The Trial — dir. Orson Welles


Orson Welles and Bernard Herrmann. Circa Citizen Kane.