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This show speaks to me on a spiritual level

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Robin Williams, 1951-2014

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art appreciation with Pamela and Louie

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these two

Louie is killing me softly this season.

It’s like Louis CK was just like, here, feel all these feelings ok bye

Louie, 4x09 “Elevator Part 6” (wri. & dir. Louis CK)

peaceful happiness

Anonymous asked: why was louie's wife white in the flashback tho?

if i recall correctly, in s1, louie’s ex was played by a white actress & then when they decided to give janet a bigger part in the show last year, she was recast with susan kelechi watson (who is black). i think louie just doesn’t give a fuck & cast whomever he wanted in the part based on certain qualities he was looking for. i mean, who cares. the show has a real surrealist bent & things happen onscreen that could never really happen—a black woman playing louie’s ex-wife is really tame in terms of the other things that happen on the show. personally, i think it’s really cool that louie tends to cast actors based on very specific qualities, not just based on how much they resemble the people in his life. obvs, the same goes for the actress who played young janet—it’s about the reality of the feeling more than “reality,” if that makes sense. i mean, the actor who played young louie didn’t really LOOK like louis ck did when he was younger, either. who cares.

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Louis CK is the sex symbol of our age.

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Louis C.K. tells Fresh Air’s Terry Gross why he always wears a cotton t-shirt when he’s onstage —- 

"I’ve done so many stand up specials where I’m wearing that shirt and the same jeans and everything and I’m a little sick of it now, so actually this season, I’m wearing a bunch of colored t-shirts.  It’s not a big shift, a green t-shirt instead of a black one…I love cotton. I have a very sweaty, misshapen body so I can’t wear a really nice structured shirt out of some kind of linen that needs to stay stiff. I just need cotton that just smooshes with me, so I feel good when I’m wearing that. I wish I was a guy in a suit, that’s what I thought I was gonna be when I started doing standup…I thought I would wear a tie even, but it’s never worked for me." 

You can listen to the rest of the interview here

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such a great listen

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You didn’t really hear or understand what it is that she wanted to say to you. 

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