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i love louise


Don Draper seeing an alarming number of dead people.

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Not Great, Pod! S7E06 - The Strategy ›

I joined my friends at the amazing Mad Men podcast Not Great, Pod! to talk about Sunday’s episode. We talk about Bob Benson and cry over Don & Peggy. A lot.

mount hammore

You’ll find someone. You know you’re cute as hell. 

Mad Men407: The Suitcase

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Don Draper - 1968

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sometimes i forget that jon hamm is a good actor because don has gotten beyond reprehensible over the course of the show, but damn, he is REALLY GOOD

Wow okay

So I guess next season is all about Don as James Bond?

Or better yet, a parody of James Bond?

Don, you’re no longer a Connery—you’re a Sellers!!!

Mad Men, 5x10 “Christmas Waltz” (wri. Victor Levin & Matthew Weiner, dir. Michael Uppendahl)

Your mother did a good job. -Ali Khan

best dressed class of 1967

Not even a little Sinatra?

oh, chin chin, indeed

Mad Men, 5x09 “Dark Shadows” (wri. Erin Levy, dir. Scott Hornbacher)