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Trailer — Shame (Steve McQueen, 2011)

I love the language of silence. Like the character in Vanishing Point who is essentially also very existentialist in his silence. The great heroes are always more silent, from that to the Man With No Name to The Samurai and Shane. There’s a mythology. The man who’s always more silent is always the one who’s unpredictable.” —Nicolas Winding Refn (x)

Ryan Gosling: "Carey and I, our relationship off camera was very
similar to our relationship on camera. We really just kind of
looked at each other. It just felt good. I just liked looking
at her. And I didn't want to blow it by saying anything. Also,
I really wanted to kiss her, so I asked the movie's director
Nick if I could do it in the elevator scene before I smash a
guy's head in.

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