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Buster Keaton in Battling Butler (1926)

Since childhood I have thought Buster Keaton’s the most beautiful face of any man I have ever seen, and finally in 1962 I got an opportunity to tell him so. We were in his Sheraton Hotel suite in Rochester during the time he was making a commercial film for Kodak. I was speaking of a shot of him hiding under a table in The General: “You were so terribly beautiful in its tragic lighting, Buster, so out of key with your comic character — I can’t understand why you didn’t cut that shot out of the picture.”

Although the tragic prophecy of that close-up was now visibly chiselled upon the purity of his face, he had evidently never considered people’s reactions to its beauty. For an instant his expression was mystifyingly shaken up like a snowstorm in a crystal paperweight and then, dismissing the whole damned thing, with his little-boy walk he trudged into the kitchenette to get himself a cold beer.

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Seven Chances | Buster Keaton | 1925

the cast and crew of sunset blvd.


Buster at home in the late 50s - early 60s.

Dang, I want a copy of that picture on the wall !!!!


Buster joins the pool party… against his will. (1936)

Buster Keaton on the set of The Cameraman (1928)

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buster keaton photographed at home, 1931


From Phil Postma: Buster Keaton as Doctor Who

“Just something that amused me at the time.”