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The Playhouse (1921)

pineamongtheoaks asked: I'm in a class about Buster Keaton, and his talkie films are one of the options for the next essay

ah in that case i wish you good luck & godspeed. and maybe a stiff drink to get through ‘em. (cool class, though!)

pineamongtheoaks asked: Having seen almost his entire body of 20's silents, I'm watching Buster Keaton's talkie Speak Easily. I've just started it, but his voice, his voice is not what I expected. I expected it to be much more monotone and maybe a little lower. he has more of an accent that I would have thought, too

watching any buster keaton talkie he made at mgm is pretty much a mistake. are you sure you want to go down this route because spoiler alert it’s soul-crushing.


Buster Keaton by Sid Avery, 1964

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comedian Buster Keaton caught off guard by a photographer at the Santa Fe train station shortly after separating from Natalie 

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Steve McQueen - Deadpan (1997)

Turner Prize-winning artist Steve McQueen—now best known for his feature films, Hunger, Shame, and 12 Years a Slave—put himself in the line of fire in Deadpan (1997), a restaging of Buster Keaton’s falling house gag from Steamboat Bill Jr. McQueen does more than remake the stunt; his presence as a black man transforms the work into a commentary on race relations and the precariousness of the black experience. 

"Damage Control: How Artists Destroy to Create Art"

anyone know if buster keaton ever mentioned being aware of the cinema of georges melies? or vice versa? any bk/melies scholars out there know?

Anonymous asked: Thoughts on Buster Keaton: Cut to the Chase? Hesitant to start reading it given the supposed poor research and the negative light.

Meade’s is one Keaton biography I started but couldn’t finish, mostly because it is very gossipy & several of the facts are downright lies. This is much different from Blesh’s & Dardis’ books, which both contain factual errors but at least they were sincere mistakes and not uninformed slander.

If you’ve never read a Keaton biography before, I recommend Tempest in a Flat Hat by McPherson. It’s a quick, informative & entertaining read that takes all the best info from previous bios & condenses it into a highly readable format that’s great for casual and rabid Keaton fans alike.

The worst thing about Keaton bios and film analyses is that most of the great ones are out of print. My favorites are The Look of Buster Keaton by Benayoun, The Theater & Cinema of Buster Keaton by Knopf, Keaton Remembered by Buster’s widow Eleanor Keaton. Also worth checking out (if you can find them) are Rudi Blesh’s Keaton and Buster’s autobiography My Wonderful World of Slapstick.

"His film is great; it’s like a good bathroom."

Luis Bunuel reviews Buster Keaton’s Battling Butler (1926)

this book really needed a better editor for its photo captions

James Agee on Buster Keaton

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Buster Keaton, 1931.