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Foxy Brown - 1974 (Dir. Jack Hill)

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Pam Grier. Coffy (1973)

Trying to break out of the ghetto was a day to day fight.

Jackie Brown at LAX tonight was…amazing. The event was put on by the Alamo Drafthouse (who need to get some theaters set up in L.A. already) with hipster-approved (but still fairly evil) corporate sponsorship by Levi’s. 

Besides the joys of watching Pam Grier own everybody in the movie and strut her stuff for 2+ hours (I could watch Pam Grier walk forever), we also got a sweet line-up of vintage blaxpoitation trailers:

And then the big time: the man himself, Quentin Tarantino came out and introduced the film, red-faced and pretty buzzed from the Proud Bird happy hour. He is exactly as you would imagine him. Big, tall, loud, enthusiastic, kinda scary, weirdly endearing, and a nutjob. I love him. Robert Forster (Max Cherry. Cherry Bail Bonds.) also came out and said some stuff about the film and he and Quentin shook hands. QT talked about how everything (except one scene) was filmed within 20 minutes of LAX and how he always loves to come back to the South Bay, especially when one of his films is screening. He then told the story about getting the movie theater in the Del Amo mall (the mall featured in the film) to screen Jackie Brown in the exact same theater as the one Max Cherry walks out of in the film. Quentin said he saw the film there opening weekend and when that scene came everyone in the theater had a mini-freakout when they realized they were sitting in the exact same theater as they theater they were seeing onscreen.

I also spotted Lawrence Bender in the crowd and had an “OMG IT’S LAWRENCE BENDER!” moment that no one else seemed to share, but whatever. QT wouldn’t be QT without his producer. I expected Quentin to bolt after the introduction but he walked back around where I was seated (within 10 feet of me—le sigh) and sat down with Bender and co. to watch the film.

Periodically, I could hear bursts of applause coming from their section and once I heard Tarantino’s distinctive laugh in reaction to one of Forster’s line readings. It was magical.

Also, for anyone interested in Olly Moss’s film posters for the series, they’re selling them all ALL Roadshow stops, $30-40 each. They are beautiful in person.