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le tigre dance party at my apartment tonight guys

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a dramatic reenactment of every conversation with my parents about movies, ever

  • me: oh, hey mom, what're you watching?
  • mom: monster's ball.
  • me: [laughs] oh, that movie sucks! there's sex in it, too! you're not gonna like it.
  • dad: well, let your mother judge for herself, ms. knowitall!
  • [2 hours later]
  • mom: i think i prefer movies where heath ledger doesn't die.
  • me: you didn't like it?
  • mom: no, that movie was not entertaining.
  • me: i told you it sucked. you should listen to me sometimes.
  • dad: i liked p. diddy in it.

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i can’t even imagine reading marvel books without constant google access. it’s just a constant flurry of wikipedia pages and retcon timelines. like, fuck, i gotta know everything about nomad now. HOW MANY DAMNED AVENGERS EVEN ARE THERE.



2011 - March 19th - Seven Chances (1925, Buster Keaton)

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