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i just have a lot of lars von trier feelings idk you guys

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Lars von Trier is a poser.

I am the best film director in the world. - Lars von Trier

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Antichrist research

The Absolute Best of ‘Riget’ — Fuckin’ Lars 

Riget (Lars von Trier, 1997)

i can’t even with this dude anymore


reblog for summertime Lars

I like this movie, what can I say? Or maybe I don’t…I don’t know. Maybe in one or two years, who knows?

Lars von Triers’ audio commentary on DOGVILLE (2003)

i think my favorite thing about audio commentaries on lars von trier movies is that he just spends the entire time making fun of the movie

"this is a bad scene. oh, my. yes, this scene is very bad."

"oh, we didn’t succeed here."

"this guy is a terrible actor!"

"this movie is not very good, is it?"

interviewer: so, lars, what do you think of the finished product?

lars: …..ehhh. it’s not very good, but, um, i guess i like it.


i think i’m falling for baby lars von trier

there’s this documentary on the criterion EUROPA disc…and oh my god, i just can’t with this dude. he’s like, the ideally light-bearded, blue-eyed, pretentious hipster genius. I CAN’T.

Lars von Trier: This is a little humoristic thing that I liked very much. She actually does a double take when she looks at the big eye. That was very important for me. But that of course is humoristic. 

Murray Smith: An excellent example of this extremely challenging combination of emotional tones. So, there’s the comic double take for what most people would be some pretty disturbing imagery.

Lars von Trier: Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah. But I had a good time.

—Audio Commentary for Antichrist

when lars von trier plays ‘fuck, marry, kill,’ he always chooses ‘all of the above’