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From Carnival of Souls (1962).

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i feel like i tend to generally run on a mary henry level of nervousness.

me looking at my life choices

I don’t belong in the world.

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Carnival of Souls (Herk Harvey, 1962)


quixotic-terrors-deactivated201 asked: Any horror movie suggestions?

i just watched THIRST (2009); that’s a good one if you like sexy vampire body horror thriller comedy melodramas. CARNIVAL OF SOULS (1962) is a favorite, as is PSYCHO (1960) and THE HAUNTING (1963). watch those three films in a marathon and tell me the early 60s weren’t the most terrifying period for blondes in black and white movies. oh, fuck, throw REPULSION (1965) in there too and now we’re talking.

Films in 2012—#201 Carnival of Souls (Herk Harvey, 1962)

FREAKS/CARNIVAL OF SOULS double feature @ the Egyptian

quite possibly the greatest double feature ever programmed 

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da best