Previouslies: Nucky shot a dude in the face because YOU CAN’T BE HALF A GANGSTER (tm: HBO), Al Capone’s son is still deaf, Margaret Schroeder kicking ass and taking hospitals, Nuck & Gyp kiss and make up, Bugsy Siegel hides heroine in his hat, and Gyp lights a man on fire. Y’know, cuz he’s a psycho.

An this just in: Jimmy Darmody is still dead. (With apologies to Chevy Chase.)

Boardwalk Empire, 3x04 “Blue Bell Boy” (wri. David Stenn, dir. Kari Skogland)

  • Congratulations on your body, Charlie Cox.
  • Mr. Poofles.
  • "Vagina?" / "I’ve never enjoyed the sound of it." / "Well, I never liked brussel sprouts, but I don’t deny they exist."
  • Kotex! Apparently, they advertised in Good Housekeeping
  • "Go buy a personality." Zzzzzing!
  • "You smell like a sardine’s twat."
  • conies (hell, I didn’t know what they were)
  • "Lon Chaney? Norma Talmadge?" Heh, I like this kid.
  • "Baby Peggy!" Actually, the story of Baby Peggy is fascinating. She’s still alive, too! She came to TCM Fest this year.
  • "You stir, I’ll provide the heat." GYYYYYYYP
  • He has a thing for redheads, I guess.
  • Roland Smith, my new baby-faced favorite.
  • trapped like rats in the cellar
  • don’t sit by the window, charlie, how hard is that to remember
  • "it’s strictly business"
  • "Why am I talking to you? Why is that even occurring?"
  • Arnold Rothstein, Sass Queen of New York
  • "Pay for his funeral." Classic Capone.
  • RIP Roland
  • RIP Mickey (lol jk i don’t care about mickey doyle)
  • why does eli even care about these idiots? with mickey outta the way, nucky’s gotta trust him now
  • "I"m gonna fuck the redhead." Told ya.
  • Margaret :( She flew too close to the sun…
  • Gorgeous closing shot.

Okay, is it just me or was that a really, really great episode? Excellent scene work.

The meaning of the title is from the Mother Goose nursery rhyme:

I had a little boy,
And called him Blue Bell;
Gave him a little work,
He did it very well.

I bade him go upstairs
To bring me a gold pin;
In coal scuttle fell he,
Up to his little chin.

He went to the garden
To pick a little sage;
He tumbled on his nose,
And fell into a rage.

He went to the cellar
To draw a little beer;
And quickly did return
To say there was none there.

Give him an inch & he’ll go a mile. Who can you really trust??Love the cellar line. Morals: don’t lie (Nucky), don’t take advantage (Capone); the Italian gangsters (Luciano & Gyp), falling into a rage that may blind them from seeing who their real friends are or from making poor decisions out of anger.

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