Thoughts on last night’s Boardwalk Empire

Previouslies: Gyp Rosetti’s comedy meatballs, Richard Harrow killed Manny Horvitz (to much rejoicing), Nucky is bangin’ some chorus girl named Billie, Margaret is trying to save dying women, and Rothstein ‘n company are looking to get into the heroin game. So, y’know, divergent paths. Oh, and ev’rybody got guns!

Boardwalk Empire, 3x03 “Bone for Tuna” (wri. Chris Haddock, dir. Jeremy Podeswa)

  • This dream sequence sort of makes me want a guest-directed David Lynch episode. Synposis: Nucky finds a severed ear; Gyp drinks coffee.
  • Margaret, playin’ hardball with the Pope!
  • These office bozos don’t know Nelson drowned a man in cold blood. Revenge will be sweet.
  • Gyp’s decided to set up shop in a Hemingway story.
  • "It’s uh whooore howse, nat da Taj Mahawl."
  • I almost forgot Charlie and Gillian had a fling.
  • Babette!!!!!!
  • Nelson’s wife brought lemons.
  • Gillian & Nucky…wow, how awkward is that relationship
  • Who is this bootlegging, Doug-looking motherfucker?
  • Hello hello baby you called I can’t hear a thing
  • "Doves."
  • Oh, Nuck, maybe it’s time for you to see a doctor. Or a confessor.
  • Yeah, Margaret! Bitches get stuff done.
  • Richard Harrow: the most terrifying cockblock
  • Prohie broskis
  • I love that Gyp’s guy is talking about Nosferatu. Wonderful detail.
  • "Bone for tuna? Huh, like Charlie, chicken of the sea? Huh, am I a cartoon fish, here to amuse you? How da fuck am I a fish? Huh. Tell me."
  • "What the fuck is LIFE, if it’s not personal?!"
  • I want that printed on a coffee cup.
  • Take a chill pill, Gyp. It’s strictly business.
  • Sixty-three.
  • Casually light a man on fire.
  • You’re never alone with bacon, Nucky.
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