MAC PEOPLE! I spilled water on my MPB keyboard and now the A, S, D, & Z keys don’t work. I can get them to type using Keyboard Viewer but they still won’t work on the keyboard itself. Any ideas?? I sort of really need those keys :/

  1. pillowreilly said: this is super late but don’t turn it off and try to rice/ vacuum it out. Once I turned mine off after spilling water, I couldn’t get it back on and I had to pay about 900 dollars for parts to be replaced
  2. catkarma said: If you’re feeling adventurous you could put the whole thing in a bucket of rice. That is, if you have a bucket of rice lying around.
  3. alexcranz said: Turn your computer off and let it dry completely (24 hours). Depending on the age you can pull the keys off to inspect for damage. Otherwise if it’s still damaged you’ll need a new keyboard.
  4. isaachelsen said: lay it on its right side and turn your computer off overnight. it’s worked for me twice
  5. coldasaslab said: cover the keyboard in rice? I know people do that with phones and it draws out the moisture.
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