charlie kaufman is like the dude when you first start watching movies that you’re like, this guy is amazing! and then you come to appreciate the finer points of screenwriting, like the simplistic beauty of a well-executed thriller and you sort of stop being impressed by ambitious mind-benders that don’t really pay off.

wow, i wish i could have formulated that thought without sounding like such an asshole.

but, yeah. charlie kaufman, good but overrated. 

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  2. tylergfosterin2013 said: Anything else he’s written has its highs and lows, but Adaptation is perfect.
  3. timetoappreciate said: pretentious but beautiful….. I have a hard time disliking Kaufman…. he is still a genius to me. I feel like I will never be able to think on his level.
  4. ishyismagic said: Lol you didn’t come off as an asshole I totally see where you’re coming from, but you gotta hand it to the dude he has a unique voice (although I’ll admit Synecdoche, New York was a tad bit pretentious)
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