larsvonbeer asked: A.) being buzzed at 6pm is not shameful! think of all the poor fools who long to be buzzed at 6pm rather than be stuck doing some societally mandated crap B.) twin peaks fire walk with me thoughts?? i saw that film before watching the tv show and i was also fifteen. needless to say my brain seeped out of my ears (for good or ill).

Fire Walk With Me fried my brain and I saw it immediately after watching the entire Twin Peaks series. It’s about as incompressible as it gets. And I fear, unlike say, Inland Empire or Lost Highway, Fire Walk With Me doesn’t really have any deeper meaning or payoff. It’s just kind of there. I don’t really understand why we have to see what we already know happened to Laura Palmer. IDG what making manifest that kind of horror achieves, except that it transforms Twin Peaks (mystery TV show) from mystery to Twin Peaks (horror movie). I mean, I didn’t hate it, but it’s pretty dissatisfying as a stand-alone movie and as a companion piece to the series.

  1. nicotinehymnal said: The point of Fire Walk With Me is in it’s theme- it’s about fighting things that can’t be overcome and why we have to fight them anyway. It’s about a girl we already knew died- so the point can’t be her death, it has to be why she died.
  2. cadesnyder said: I agree completely. An interesting watch, but not at all a fulfilling one after such a fascinating TV series.
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