pootbot asked: Have you seen Nashville and/or Funny Games? What are your opinions? (They're entirely unconnected apart from audience torture, and very different kinds of audience torture at that, but I didn't feel like sending separate messages about them)

I’ve seen Nashville, but only Haneke’s American remake of Funny Games. I’m definitely with you on the audience torture aspect of Funny Games—which I thought was awful, bordering on unwatchable (mostly bc of pretentiousness, although I’ll admit the final scenes on the boat were spectacularly tense). As for Nashville, I love it. What kind of audience torture do you mean? Maybe bc the film cuts away from its characters before their scenes/arcs are completed? But that’s just Altman’s style; and Nashville is arguably his greatest film (and my favorite).

  1. zomgmouse said: Recently saw Nashville in 35mm yayayyayayayyayaa.
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