Beginner’s Guide to International Cinema


So I’ve received over the past several months many people asking me about broadening their interest in film. I usually just send my mubi profile to them or something but instead I thought I’d give resources and some tips to watching international cinema.

Resources For Finding Films

  • Resources to Watching Films
      • YOUTUBE - I can’t stress this enough. Many wonderful people on youtube are kind enough to take the time & upload films that are  not easy to find. 
      • - a nifty torrent site with a lot of good films on available that have seeding (give or take).
      • Facets Film Portal: Again promoting Facets but they’re just so good. They have a link to finding free films online as well as a DVD rental service like netflix.
      • Netflix Instant - seriously just go through their ‘foreign film’ section and you’ll find so many gems lurking in there.
      • hulu+ (US) - Mainly for the Criterion Collection section but what’s great is that they also stream films that are not on DVD yet and have not even been announced.
      • fandor (US) - Another streaming site that’s geared to film fans.
      • Internet Archive -  free films that are in the public domain
      • Subtitles - best to search via search engine but you’ll likely rely on Open Subtitles

Tips (under cut due to length): 

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