greatest film director named jacques…?

  • jacques tati
  • jacques rivette
  • jacques demy
  • jacques feyder
  • jacques audiard
  • other????

the fate of this questions rests in your hands, nation

  1. zomgmouse said: jacques orff
  2. iwanttobelikearollingstone answered: Tati errryday, son.
  3. therokebyvenus answered: audiard!
  4. voidoid answered: auidard. but i haven’t seen much of the others’ work so im biased.
  5. movienut14 answered: Jacques Tourneur
  6. film-schooled answered: I’m going to throw caution to the wind and say Audiard. Un prophète 4ever.
  7. spanishdracula answered: tati. because he’s the only one i’ve seen enough of to make this judgement
  8. thealbacoreclub said: Tati
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