just a random poll to stir the shit on a saturday night

how many of you lovely followers would consider yourself a political person?

e.g. you would/will/do post things about politics on a regular basis or would/will/do engage in political conversations regularly with the people in your life

i do not think of myself as a political person, mostly because i do not engage in conversations about politics that are unprovoked. however, if someone asks me my opinion on a political topic, i will give it freely. 

  1. deadshot said: Me. But then you can tell from my Dash
  2. cadesnyder said: I’m same as you. I follow politics, I try to stay informed and have reasoning behind my opinions, but I’m not likely to bring them up unless someone starts up a political conversation.
  3. acharlescoleman said: I post political stuff every now and then but I don’t really like talking about politics unless it’s someone who thinks differently than me and they’re respectful about my viewpoint as I would be with them. I’m def a political person.
  4. admiralobvious said: I tend to talk about politics a lot, but I don’t really have strong opinions on most issues. I just kind of enjoy provoking people
  5. tylergfosterin2013 said: I think Tumblr has made me more political.
  6. maxgehr said: I’m political against my better judgement. I’m also fiercely partisan. I feel such deep, emotional antipathy that I can’t seem to think or speak or write in any kind of fair or nuanced way about political issues. So I try to keep my trap shut.
  7. lieutenantkusa said: I do consider myself a political person, but probably more because I like hearing about what’s going on and I do have some strong stances. I listen to the news every morning and been enjoying more talk radio even if the news stations’s views annoy me
  8. larsvonbeer said: i get riled up about politics and then read some stuff and feel like i have the right idea about things but at the end of the day i end up watching parks and rec and eat a bunch of pita chips. but yeah, i would say i’m a “political person.”
  9. zomgmouse said: nope
  10. now-in-glorious-technicolor said: I’m not. I typically avoid it, especially with people that I know have differing opinions. Conversations tend to quickly escalate to debates and then to arguments.
  11. facenodefeat said: I am political, but I don’t share my views unless asked or challenged.
  12. fabulouslyfreespirited said: I have political views, but no I don’t think I’m a political person as such. Its not my focus.
  13. clintirwin said: Very political, but it got in the way of the subject of my blog, which is my writing. Still I will hold forth if asked or it comes up.
  14. melvillemifunemtumekonigsberg said: highly political in that while I don’t preach a word I reserve the right to quietly disdain the people and decisions I think are clearly ruinous to the country that gave birth to me and Jazz and baseball and Clint Eastwood and Elvis and Roger Corman.
  15. breathingvioletfog said: I feel politically though I am not as politically active as I would like to be
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