things i have done today

  • ate breakfast
  • watched twin peaks
  • took a nap

so, essentially the greatest birthday ever

  1. nicotinehymnal said: YES
  2. undeadgraceland said: ..then now’s the time for coffee and pie. and late night muttered ramblings to unfashionable handheld recordingdevices, staring into some distant horizon. in sullen contemplation. happy birthday! ;^D
  3. sanspatronymic said: I also did this today. Obviously the universe commanded I celebrate your birthday.
  4. mustlovemovies said: Happy birthday! I swear, you’re the tenth person I’ve said this to today, what is it about the 8th of August?
  5. lieutenantkusa said: Taking naps makes me feel like a failure =(
  6. thewholebrevitything said: Happy Birthday Sales. Have a great one !
  7. salesonfilm posted this