i’ve only seen 30 of sight & sounds’ new top 50 greatest films of all-time list

way to make me feel like an asshole, BFI

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    I lost my list of top 500. Fifty is more reasonable.
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    1. Tokyo Story Ozu Yasujirô, 1953 (48 votes; pictured above) Subtle and sensitive, Tokyo Story lets the viewer...
  3. cadesnyder said: I’m in the same boat with 31.
  4. flashcatindustries said: 25/50. poor.
  5. alexcranz said: I’ve been meaning to do a marathon of the S&S films I haven’t seen since forever. The inclusion of stuff like Man With A Movie Camera has now made that plan reality.
  6. thefilmfatale said: I’ve only seen 28. I better get to it. Project!
  7. oldfilmsflicker said: I’ve seen 37 of them!
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