vincent price: husband material qualifications

  • intelligent, thoughtful, and articulate (went to yale)
  • inherited a candy fortune so you’ve got chocolate hook-ups for life
  • snappy dresser
  • ability to rock facial hair
  • handsome but not so handsome that you just get disgusted/exhausted looking at him (aka the gosling syndrome)
  • A+ talk show guest
  • straight-up gourmet cook
  • world renown patron, scholar and collector of fine works of art
  • charming as all hell
  • terrific sense of humor
  • hangs out with the muppets
  • knows all the coolest people 
  • ability to combine talents into the greatest fucking cocktail party of your life
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    Had the most recognizable, chilling voice
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    Did somebody say my name?
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    AND into macabre shit.
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