acharlescoleman asked: Are you going to see the Dark Knight Rises again while it's in theaters ? Or are you going to wait until DVD/Blu-Ray or maybe basic cable or never again ?

I don’t know, honestly. Maybe if someone I know wants to go, I’ll see it again. But really I have no desire to, since it was such a disappointment.

Maybe I’ll wait a couple months, see it at the dollar theater and gauge if some time off changes perceptions.

  1. kellend said: Another one here that wasn’t too keen on it! I was so unsatisfied with the ending
  2. cocoocachoo said: really?! I know exactly what you mean-.- and I was so pumped to see it before, but it was saddening how…bad…it was
  3. khyaal said: and here i thought i was the only one who didn’t like it.
  4. thewholebrevitything said: Really? You did not like The Dark Knight Rises? Could you write about it when you get time please? I would love to read and try and understand your POV.
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