Anonymous asked: I really love cinema and I would love to go to a film school. The thing is that most people that go to film school have been working with cameras since a young age and they direct their own shorts and stuff all this before film school. Now I have absolutely no experience. I think I´ve never recorded anything in my life with a video camera so I´m afraid I will feel left behind or maybe film school isn´t for me. You went to film school, what do you think? thanks.

I went to film school for film & media studies, which is not the same thing as a degree in film production.

If you would like to get started shooting stuff, just do it. Does your phone have a camera? Shoot it. Do you have an old camcorder or access to a newer camera? Shoot it. Upload your shit to YouTube. Bother your friends to reblog your videos. Annoy your family with your weird creative impulses. Do you know anyone who’s involved with a project right now? Volunteer to help them.

Remember you don’t need to be a director. You can be an editor, a writer, a grip, a sound guy, a cinematographer…you don’t need to be an expert in video cameras.

The key thing is not to be afraid or intimidated by what you don’t know. A lot of famous directors didn’t have much experience shooting and even more never went to film school, anyway. The important thing is to meet people with your own interests and get active.

And remember, any decent film school will have equipment you can borrow. Use all the resources available to you. Don’t be afraid to ask stupid questions. Experiment. Do what you want and good luck.

  1. needmoarnura said: My advice: In film school,always experiement. Don’t be afraid. Yes in school,it’s a little competitive but be yrself
  2. paxsimona said: to your anon, I went to film school having never touched a camera or creating any type to of film. I finished the year at the top of my class. Just dive and you’ll be okay.
  3. brick-face said: Don’t worry about how much experience you have before you enter film school. You’ll learn the most about the production of film on set. But yeah, ask questions.
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