all these TDKR reviews are stressing me out

is it good? does it suck? am I satisfied? am I disappointed? is it possible to feel ALL THE FEELINGS??

signs point to ‘overlong hot mess, but, hey, it’s still THE GODDAMN BATMAN, so quit yer bitchin’, internerds.’

maybe. IDK. just plz I need a sassy catwoman in my life. ok, nolan. OKAY.

  1. inanyothercity said: it is definitely a hot mess. but enjoyable for the most part. not really that dark, not that much tension. just too many things going on to really sink it’s teeth into anything. catwoman is sassy and sexy though! joseph gordan levitt is great too
  2. fabulouslyfreespirited said: apparently negative critics on Rotten Tomatoes were getting death threats..which seems a bit extreme..its not written by Salman Rushdie is it? ;-)
  3. charlesisbatmannow said: I read a review that actually complained about it being too dark… because Nolan films are always extremely happy
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