ok, first of all, i was only 12/13, so i couldn’t see any rated R movies, which eliminates a lot of stuff.

second off, i mostly just had to see what my friends wanted to see because i was too little to understand that one day i’d get tired of being around other human beings and being subjected to their shitty taste and getting-to-the-theater-late-ness and that for the betterment of all mankind, i should just go to the movies i want to see by myself

thirdly, zoolander is a masterpiece, okay. 

  1. stephanie-judith-tanner said: slow clap
  2. mizoguchi said: IS SOMEONE BADMOUTHING ZOOLANDER!!??!?!?!!?
  3. protestantthighs said: the only people with crap taste in movies are people who don’t like movies at all
  4. admiralobvious said: I should dig out my ticket collection and see what I watched in that period. I’m sure it was worse.
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