Anonymous asked: who are some of your favorite movie characters?

Norma Desmond, Tuco, Lina Lamont, Phyllis Dietrichson, Griffin Dunne in AFTER HOURS (can’t remember his character’s name), Johnnie Grey (Buster Keaton’s character in THE GENERAL), Captain Jack Sparrow (yeah yeah, don’t give me that it’s a great fucking character), Patrick Bateman, Tracy Flick, Divine in everything, BATMAN, CK Dexter Haven, Daniel Plainview, every mad scientist Vincent Price ever played, Sherlock Holmes, Lawrence of Arabia, Butch Cassidy/Sundance Kid, Norman Bates, Ripley from ALIEN(S), every cowboy John Wayne ever played, Ratso Risso, Phillip Marlowe, Edward Scissorhands (and Peg!)…

I think that’s enough for now.

  1. needmoarnura said: Same here for Lawrence of Arabia,BC/SD kid,Edward too
  2. admiralobvious said: Who’s your favorite Sherlock?
  3. dancingwithleland said: I think it’s Paul Hackett in After Hours
  4. for-me-formidable said: CK DEXTER HAVEN HAAA YES. YES YES YES.
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