Anonymous asked: favorite tumblrs list 10.

  • marya (fuckin’ marya. ‘nough said.)
  • branduponthebrain (great screencaps of great movies + occasional entertaining alcohol-fueling ask & answer sessions)
  • juan (i think the only time juan isn’t watching something is when he’s asleep, and even then i’m not sure)
  • visionsoflight (eclectic focus on cinematography—one of my personal faves)
  • maudit (a crazy person who loves buster keaton and making gifs of every single thing <3)
  • strangewood (one of those people with such perfect tastes it’s just kind of gross)
  • waltdisneywithblood (jean-luc godard enthusiast, all around badass)
  • kalen (this dude will be famous soon, so get on the bandwagon now lol)
  • ozu_teapot (japanese cinema + other cool stuff)
  • underpantscharleston (knows her shit but also enjoys the sublimely absurd)
  • ben (he lives in australia, is obsessed with movies and has pretty damn good taste)
  • lepoinconneudeslilas (french + impeccable taste)
  • mudwerks (idek how this dude is alive because there are posts ALL THE TIME and they’re all awesome)
  • solomonscane (maybe the manliest tumblr of them all)
  • cadesynder (well-reasoned film reviews from a knowledgeable, cool guy)
  • nathaniel (everyone’s favorite obscure & foreign film-screencappin’, ladies’ thighs-appreciatin’ neomarxist)
  • elaine (committed film geek, lady filmmaker, and person with the best username)
  • cinematografo (posts all the time + great taste)
  • oldhollywood (absolutely essential; idk how they get their photos but i am insanely jealous)
  • theloudestvoice (eats, breathes, and lives silent film)

oh, was that more than ten? herpderp. idk idk pretty much everyone i follow is awesome, so…these are just some suggestions.

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