The triumphant return of Trivia Tuesday!

It’s Tuesday. It’s 2012. Let’s do this thing! 

The rules are simple: 1) answer all five movie trivia questions correctly, 2) submit your answers, 3) if you are the winner, I’ll message you, 4) message me with your choice of prize [movie poster or movie postcard!] and mailing address, 5) that shit’ll be at your house before you know it!

*Unfortunately I can’t ship outside the U.S. because I’m not, y’know, a millionaire.

Wow, that sounds simple and fun. Here are this week’s questions!!!!!

1. What movie does E.T. watch on TV (and Elliot imitate during science class) in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)?

2. Where do we first meet Steve McQueen’s character in Bullitt (1968)?

3. Which continental crooner do all four Marx Brothers impersonate in Monkey Business (1931)?

4. Which of his own films did Alfred Hitchcock consider ‘the first Hitchcock picture’?

5. In Midnight in Paris (2011), Owen Wilson’s character Gil meets a young Luis Bunuel, who describes an idea for a film about party guests who are unable to leave the room at the end of the night. Name this film.

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