Previouslies: Everybody hates Nucky! Chalky hates him because he keeps stalling real power to the black community, putting Mr. White in a delicate position; Nucky’s father hates him because he’s not Eli (and vice versa); Van Alden hates him provisionally so he can impress Agent Esther LadyBlazer and distract her from his totally illicit and illegal conduct; Jimmy hates him (loves him?) but still hires one of Capone’s goons in a failed assassination attempt; also: Margaret got a taste of Owen Sleater’s lucky charms.

Boardwalk Empire, 2x08 “Two Boats and a Lifeguard” (wri. Terrence Winter, dir. Tim Van Patten)

  • freaky dream sequence! cool way to open the episode
  • Michael Pitt in a towel appreciation post
  • "Why you been duckin’ me?" faaaaaaanfic
  • "Romulus couldn’t make it." / "Dat his pa’tner?"
  • Torrio…you’re probably gonna die soon :/
  • Ugh, Buscemi!!!! Perfect reaction to hearing someone has died. Spot-on. Good job at being good at your job, Steve.
  • Max Hirsch
  • "Pillow talk, Charlie?" YOU. NEED. TO. STOP.
  • Michael Stuhlbarg is working the hell out of this straw boater.
  • "I prefer to think of myself as an artichoke." 
  • Old timey bathing suits <3
  • I love how much of the beach we’re seeing this season.
  • "They’re called knees, fellas!" Molly Fletcher, lady hero.
  • I sense lesbian hijinks in the works!
  • Louise the Lesbian Novelist, lady hero.
  • "Success has many fathers, dear." And so do you, Jimmy!
  • Mickey Doyle is Jimmy’s right hand now? Oy vey.
  • This is probably the first time I’ve really cared about Jimmy and Angela’s relationship. What a great scene! I don’t think Pitt has ever been better than this on the show.
  • Eddie Kessler, you are a gem.
  • And, thus, the Thompson machine gun.
  • "The pups have grown fangs." I love this pow-pow scene among the "old timers" after the similar scene of young Turks last week. Generation gaps!
  • Arnold Rothstein is such a baller.
  • Yay, Angela!
  • "Your move, Dad." !!!!!!!
  • My body is ready for this sweet, sweet revenge.
  • That scene was so complex—and expertly handled by Van Patten. So many angles, so many characters and their intersecting storylines. Well played.
  • We’re going to Belfast! 
  • lol throwing Mickey Doyle off the balcony is kind of perfect. Nobody likes that guy.
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