(Further) Thoughts on tonight’s Mad Men

Mad Men, 3x06 “Waldorf Stories” (wri. Brett Johnson and Matthew Weiner, dir. Scott Hornbacher)

Part one here.

  • Fed up with fucktard art director Rizzo’s insulting assumptions, Peggy retorts: “You don’t know anything about me.” Which is word-for-word what she said to Father Gill when he pulled that whole “You’re gonna burn in Hell if you don’t confess your awful, awful sins” thing. Not entirely sure what this signifies (other than Peggy is very proud, but we already knew that), but I sure do love character continuity.
  • During the victory lap, Roger calls for “Pete, Crane, Jimmy Olson” (that’s Superman’s pal, for those that don’t know). Peggy takes the lap with Pete, Harry, Don and Roger. If Peggy’s Jimmy Olson, that makes Don Superman?
  • Also, with this and Rizzo saying “now that the girls are gone” when Peggy is still in the room and Don’s drunken “Misters Olson and Rizzo” line, that makes three instances in one episode where Peggy is essentially called a man. Or, at least, importantly, not a woman. That role (mothering/comforting but sexual) is reserved for Joan.
  • Another subtle way in which Peggy is completely disregarded: no one calls the client by its correct name, Vick Chemicals; Rizzo and Don (even after being corrected by Peggy) still call it “Vick’s” (which is, of course, the name by which it’s now known).
  • These parallels between Don and Rizzo, who’s arguably the most repugnant character ever on the show, are truly disturbing. 
  • Lane has a Mets pennant in his office, having become properly (and rather adorably) Americanized. We love immigrants who love us!
  • Why is Joan still accompanying Don and Roger to after-work drinks? Is Dr. Rapist already in basic training? Otherwise, wouldn’t he mind her not being home to baby him? The man needs his glass of water.
  • "I bet he takes you hunting and let’s you carry the carcasses in your mouth." Rizzo is an unmitigated asshole, but that’s a great line.
  • I do like this little silent moment at the bar.
  • Is Dr. Faye the “sister” Doris the waitress refers to? At the bar, Don “rescues” her with the old gonna-pretend-youre-my-sister-but-I-really-just-want-to-bang-you routine. But if it’s Saturday when Don and Doris meet, perhaps he’s still with Cake Mix Jingle Lady. OR another gal completely—maybe his resident prostitute. Gracious, Don. Lost Weekend, indeed.
  • The two-shot of Don and Peggy is Don’s dark, nastyass bachelor pad—Don seated on the couch and Peggy standing—level playing field. And then when Don realizes he’s fucked up and bows his head, she’ll noticeably taller. Nice touch.
  • "What’s the category?" -"Best Actress." Is a Draper/Blankenship OTP too soon?
  • Ken/Peggy hug—did they like each other? I don’t remember that. Although I guess Ken was always pretty decent to her at Sterling Cooper. Except for those couple times.
  • Nice throwaway shot of everyone gathered around Ken (Sterling Cooper reunion! Nice costuming on Joan—orange sweater—to draw the eye) as Don walks back to his office with the award. Not a huge fan of the direction of this episode, but Hornbacher utilized the glass design of the new offices quite nicely. I still don’t have much of a handle of the SCDP floor plan as I did at SC, but I assume that will be clarified as the season progresses.
  • "Waldorf Stories," the title of Roger’s book? That’s the only thing I can think of that makes sense.