Transparent, 1x09 “Looking Up” (wri. Michah Fitzerman-Blue & Noah Harpster, dir. Jill Soloway)

Transparent, 1x07 “The Symbolic Exemplar” (wri. Faith Soloway, dir. Jill Soloway)


Transparent, 1x07 “Symbolic Exemplar” (wri. Faith Soloway, dir. Jill Soloway)

Transparent, 1x06 “The Wilderness” (wri. Ethan Kuperberg, dir. Jill Soloway)

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Transparent (Jill Soloway, 2014)



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The X-Files -  Famous movie posters’ style by Anna Valle

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happy birthday carrie brownstein! (09.27.1974)

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Why do people go to the cinema? What takes them into a darkened room where, for two hours, they watch the play of shadows on a sheet? The search for entertainment? The need for a kind of drug? All over the world there are, indeed, entertainment firms and organisations which exploit cinema and television and spectacles of many other kinds. Our starting-point, however, should not be there, but in the essential principles of cinema, which have to do with the human need to master and know the world. I think that what a person normally goes to the cinema for is time: for time lost or spent or not yet had. He goes there for living experience; for cinema, like no other art, widens, enhances and concentrates a person’s experience—and not only enhances it but makes it longer, significantly longer. That is the power of cinema: ‘stars’, story-lines and entertainment have nothing to do with it.

Andrei TarkovskySculpting In Time (1987)

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Happy 40th Carrie!

(September 27, 1974)

hitchcock in drag (?!)

the cast of WINGS (1927)