Cross dissolves in Paul Thomas Anderson’s There Will Be Blood (2007)

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Anonymous asked: do you have a top 10 of '13? If you have a pre-existing one can you link me up? I enjoy your thoughts on film!

hi there. thanks for the compliment. here’s the list from last year:

goals & heroes

Films in 2014—#154 The Addams Family (Barry Sonnenfeld, 1991)

Films in 2014—#153 Twixt (Frances Ford Coppola, 2011)

if only we could all be as contented as mickey the convicted bank robber


play this episode at my funeral

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The Penny-Pinching Cinephile (7/3/14–7/16/14) | Movie Mezzanine ›

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Anonymous asked: Detention was a huge piece of shit, right?

Yeah, I thought so, but I’m not a fan of that hyper-kinetic, post-ironic filmmaking. Kind of like COMMUNITY at its worst. Also, I kind of hate teenagers already and DETENTION really made me hate them.

@carrie_rachel Last day in the LA writers’ room. Off we go to Portland. #portlandia #season5 @kareyd @sordociego @grahamstwagner

portlandia does mazursky!

leaversdance asked: Hi, do you have any views in New Zealand cinema? Have you seen any films from New Zealand?

unfortunately, i am pretty ignorant of the cinema of new zealand. i’ve only seen some of the most internationally famous films from that country, like THE PIANO, WHALE RIDER, HEAVENLY CREATURES,  & DEAN SPANLEY.

obviously i’ve seen the LORD OF THE RINGS films, and since then a lot of hollywood productions have been shot in new zealand.

for being such a small country, new zealand has produced a lot of quality actors, too: cliff curtis, sam neill, anna paquin, melanie lynskey, lucy lawless & my fave, zoe bell.

my biggest association with new zealand & film is the new zealand film archive, where a huge treasure trove of “lost” movies were recently recovered. so, my biggest view on new zealand cinema is basically that i want to raid their national film archive. call me, NZFA!

Films in 2014—#152 Milius (Joey Figueroa & Zak Knutson, 2013)

ishyismagic asked: Michael Bay is to directors what LMFAO is to musicians

nah, michael bay is actually successful