The only film ever directed by author/poet/playwright/activist Jean Genet, 1950s legendary Un chant d’amour was long suppressed by censors for its explicit homosexual content. In 1964, filmmaker Jonas Mekas was arrested on obscenity charges after a screening of the film alongside Jack Smith’s Flaming Creatures. Mekas recalls how he smuggled the film into the U.S. in the first place:

"The film was in 35mm and it was bulky. I was afraid that if I went from Paris to New York the film would be confiscated. Customs was very strict. Twice when I came to New York from Paris I had some Olympia publications in my pocket and they were seized. So I said, ‘If I go to New York with this, I have no chance. I have to go first to London.’ And that’s what I did. I cut the film into three pieces and put them in my raincoat pockets, and went to London. When you come from Paris, [US] Customs says, ‘Oh, Paris, hum, Paris.’ If you come from London, well that’s more conservative and you have a chance to pass through.

"I was on the plane to New York from London and I was talking with my neighbor, who happened to be the playwright [Harold] Pinter. When I told him what I had in my pockets, he said, ‘Maybe you should let me go first. You come after me.’ So I followed him and we got to Customs and they opened Pinter’s suitcase. It was full of plays, copies of the same play. They said, ‘What’s this?’ ‘Oh, it’s my play’, he said. ‘It’s opening on Broadway.’ ‘Play! On Broadway!’ The Customs man got so gaga, so excited, that he motioned his neighbors [fellow officers]. They all converged and were so yapping with excitement that I just passed through. And that’s how the film got in the country. If I had been by myself, I don’t know what would have happened. So, thanks Pinter!"


Joe screenshots - cinematography by Tim Orr - 2013


Joe | David Gordon Green, 2013

Jeff Goldblum

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Anonymous asked: why was louie's wife white in the flashback tho?

if i recall correctly, in s1, louie’s ex was played by a white actress & then when they decided to give janet a bigger part in the show last year, she was recast with susan kelechi watson (who is black). i think louie just doesn’t give a fuck & cast whomever he wanted in the part based on certain qualities he was looking for. i mean, who cares. the show has a real surrealist bent & things happen onscreen that could never really happen—a black woman playing louie’s ex-wife is really tame in terms of the other things that happen on the show. personally, i think it’s really cool that louie tends to cast actors based on very specific qualities, not just based on how much they resemble the people in his life. obvs, the same goes for the actress who played young janet—it’s about the reality of the feeling more than “reality,” if that makes sense. i mean, the actor who played young louie didn’t really LOOK like louis ck did when he was younger, either. who cares.

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Stranger by the Lake (Alain Guiraudie, 2013)

Stranger by the Lake (Alain Guiraudie, 2013)

Films in 2014—#112 Stranger by the Lake (Alain Guiraudie, 2013)


Don Draper seeing an alarming number of dead people.

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Anonymous asked: which is ur fave movie from the before sunrise trilogy?

Before Midnight, definitely. There’s no substitute for experience.

Anonymous asked: are you watching fargo?

nope, though I’ve heard it’s quite good

We got it.
Well, they heard what I heard. 

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