Noam Chomsky.

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Earlier today, Warner Bros unveiled over 50 images from Steven Soderbergh’s latest, Magic Mike

Here are the three that you all really want to see: Steven Soderbergh directing!

Magic Mike opens in theaters on June 29th.



message me your raw, honest opinion of me, on anonymous, so I know you’re sincere sorry that sounds like an order, but please do, im really interested

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Anonymous asked: I like you, and your blog, but your icon still scares me.

Anonymous asked: My honest, raw opinion is that you're awesome so stay that way.

i wrote this one myself, guys

Anonymous asked: I love your blog and I wish I could express my love for film half as well as you do!

here’s a protip: if you’re not good at something, just do it A LOT and people will mistake your voluminous output with talent and ambition. you can do it!


I had to Google that. That’s how bad of a “cinema expert” I am. SEE, SEE YOU FOOLS! IT’S ALL A LIE!

Anonymous asked: you have such good taste it's scary.

i have been told i taste pretty good

Anonymous asked: I think you have probably the best film blog on tumblr, and I think your icon is the best thing that ever shows up on my dashboard. Also I think I want to hang out with you some time

can i have yo numbah

Anonymous asked: I think you're a lonely person. I drive by this place a lot and I see you here. I see a lot of people around you. And I see all these phones and all this stuff on your desk. It means nothing. Then when I came inside and I met you, I saw in your eyes and I saw the way you carried yourself that you're not a happy person. And I think you need something. And if you want to call it a friend, you can call it a friend.

marry me

Anonymous asked: If you want, but I think you live too far away for us to actually hang out :p

well i guess that’s what the internet is for, anon! 

Anonymous asked: Your icon honestly freaked me out at first and still distracts me constantly from your post, and until I saw a larger picture of it I thought you were a male, not trying to be rude so sorry if you take it as an insult which I don't mean it to be so sorry

i understand. i am frequently compelled to utilize disguises in my espionage work.



An appreciation of all things Korean has swept into popular culture – from taekwondo to kalbi to K-pop – extending to a proliferation of film and television talent who trace their lineage to the Asian peninsula. This summer, Hollywood will offer an appreciation with the first Look East: Korean Film Festival, a celebratory weekend taking place June 23-24.

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a good way to get nerds to see your movie? free swag. #prometheus

Anonymous asked: I LOVE your icon, it literally makes me either smile or laugh every time I see it!

Mission accomplished!

the raspy sound of labored breathing as fat nerds ascend the mountainous IMAX amphitheater stairs….

ah, i’m home.

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"I know ‘flawed masterpiece’ is a term that’s been bandied about. But sometimes those flawed films are the ones that seem the most alive, the most beautiful, and the more I watch a film like this the more I want to dig into what it is. PAT GARRETT almost feels like it doesn’t have an ending. Maybe none of our lives have any sort of ending until all we have left is looking back and wondering just where we first went wrong."

Mr. Peel’s beautiful musings on Sam Peckinpah’s PAT GARRETT AND BILLY THE KID

holla if you’ve ever gone to a midnight show by yourself

can’t be tamed

this guy actually has to marry me

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The Outlaw Josey Wales by Dan Avenell

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Films in 2012—#181 The Trip (Michael Winterbottom, 2010)

Can you show us creepy?

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i’d like to thank whoever had the idea of michael fassbender playing a robot playing peter o’toole playing lawrence of arabia in ‘prometheus’

because that is a very specific sexual fetish that i choose to interpret as a personal shout-out to myself and my crazy blog

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ineveryending asked: Instead of waiting for the weekend, I decided to watch Certified Copy starting at midnight. My head is spinning, but in a good kind of way...I think.

YES! Awesome. Enjoy it. That feeling lasts for at least a couple days. 

Films in 2012—#182 Prometheus (Ridley Scott, 2012)

i just want to hurl a shoe at his face and scream YOU SHOULDN’T BE ALLOWED


i am so upset that this man exists, i am BESIDE myself

Anonymous asked: Finally caught up with Mad Men, I really need someone who understands the Mad Men feelings I'm experiencing right now to cry with me...

I will cry with you, but it’ll be over Michael Fassbender’s fucking face.

Prayer circle of communal film and television feelings.

Anonymous asked: Prometheus - muddled, nowhere near Alien but still better than most blockbusters, right?

First of all, nothing is near Alien.

Muddled? Yes.

But you should go because Michael Fassbender bleaches his hair while watching Lawrence of Arabia, Charlize Theron uses a flame thrower, Logan Marshall-Green takes his shirt off and lotsa people get done in real good by a bunch of nasty, squiddy-looking, alien motherfuckers.


loki-and-the-pussycats asked: I don't think Prometheus was muddled at all... It wasn't about the plot. It was about the body-horror that the Alien films have always been so fantastic about.

The direction was occasionally murky. Like during that silica storm? Couldn’t even tell what the fuck was going on. Uncharacteristic from Ridley Scott whose action is usually top-notch.

Body horror? Yes, of course. The ALIEN franchise will forever be about vaginas, and this installment perhaps even more than the others.

Although in terms of horror, there wasn’t very much tension…more gore. Maybe a result of the climate of film right now, maybe just a commercial consideration.

now watching


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ok, so somebody here’s got to have the inside scoop for me on the labyrinth/harry potter connection, if there is one. right?

Anonymous asked: Unsure what to think about Prometheus. Idris and Fassy were amazing, I thought there was a lot of tension in the "abortion" scene, and Fassy looked out on a very pretty light-show. But then, the Scottish woman was incredibly wooden, the script was quite clunky and you're right about the silica storm. I find more enjoyment viewing it not as an Alien prequel, but as a stand-alone, perfectly fine but not amazing, sci-fi.

I agree with you about enjoying more as a stand-alone. Personally, I thought a lot of the “ooh look it’s an Alien(s) reference!” moments were very awkward. (I blame this on Lindelof’s transparent sci-fi fanboyism, probably unfairly, but too many moments seemed to refer to other pop-culture science fiction/fantasy properties and I found it distracting). I enjoyed it for Fassbender, the incredible visual effects and some pretty righteous sci-fi kills. And yes, that Noomi Rapace scene…the less about which is said, the better. Oh, yes, and Charlize dialing the crazy up to 11.

I have to admit, I enjoyed trying to find Guy Pearce, too. Sneaky.

comes the time in the movie where i talk about david bowie’s package

i will try not to mention it again but i can’t make any promises

hoggle is my homeboy

#gpoy  #labyrinth  

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#Firmly believing she’s one of the most attractive women alive tbh

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it seems too obvious to say that vincent price is the best, but vincent price is just the best