Katharine Hepburn photographed by John Bryson.

(via vistavisions)

Anonymous asked: do you want a career in film?

If this is a job offer, I accept.*

No, but really, if I could watch movies, write about them, read about them, talk about them, and teach about them and somebody actually gave me money in exchange for this privilege…it would be like living inside a rainbow made of chocolate or some shit. It would be beyond my comprehension of what fabulous is. If that’s a career, I want one.

*no touching

before i embark on an epic journey of bachelorette parties and sustained inebriation with drag queens, i would just like to wish a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to marya, the best gal in the world, champion film person, tiny keebler elf, public transport-slaying, taco and coffee-loving badass


I’ve had like four rums and punches and I’m wearing lipstick.

Tonight is gonna get crazy.

the best part of going to a gay club for the bachelorette is the military gay equality stickers