more #tcmff after party madness: schmoozing with the czar of noir eddie muller & creepin’ on the quintessential #hotbitchfilmscholar shannon clute

enjoy these photos from #tcmff in which i either look exhausted, insane, or drunk as fuck.

also, yay, friends!

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It’s hard to describe this, but she has an inner and outer beauty. She is like this perfect being, she’s intelligent and funny, she’s captivating and she’s non-judgmental, she’s the best friend a human being could ever have, like ever.

Fred Armisen on his favorite thing about Carrie Brownstein (x)


Breaking the Waves (1996) - Lars Von Trier

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Unforgiven poster by Bill Sienkiewicz

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bikini kill in washington DC, 1992. iconic.

#tcmff day one: playing cards against humanity with amodernmusketeer & oldfilmsflicker, then partying at the formosa with danschindel, propertyoffrankgrimes and others.

above: me as charlie

below: me as the damsel in distress, being harangued by dastardly trevor & slated by gorgeous marya


i will catch up on the mad men premiere as soon as i can. yes, i will be doing episode write-ups again this season. patience, please!!

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TCM Film Fest 2014

omg you guys i haven’t had a chance to post about the tcm film fest yet, but i had THE BEST TIME.

hangin’ with every single classic film fan from twitter/tumblr/facebook, fangirling over tcm staffers, drinking way too much free heineken, eating a lot of free appetizers and schmoozing with ben mankiewicz, EVERY MOVIE BEING PERFECT, crying over maureen o’hara, singing along with the beatles…

i’m queuing photos and working on my festival wrap-up for moviemezzanine. stay tuned this week for a lot of fun stuff!!!

social media superstars @oldfilmsflicker & @tpjost on assignment at #tcmff

after party shenanigans with @angelnumber25 @hollywoodcomet @biscuitkitten #tcmff

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The Griffith Observatory & Hollywood sign, as seen from my aunt’s house in Silverlake.

The actual letters of transit from #Casablanca on display at Club #TCM. RIP Ugarte! #tcmff

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