Films in 2014—#206 Manakamana (Stephanie Spray & Pacho Velez, 2013)

i thought it was important to share with you that oldfilmsflicker has a BIG LEBOWSKI poster above her toilet because of course


marijuana themed silent movie starring Yakima Canutt


The Long Goodbye (1973)

Robert Altman’s antiheroic rewrite of Raymond Chandler. Elliott Gould plays Marlowe as a chain-smoking nebbish—an innocent child of the 40s set down in what Altman sees (problematically) as the grown-up, shades-of-gray world of the 70s. The film is so inventive in its situations and humor that its shortcomings—the blunt ideas at its core—don’t become apparent before several viewings. Somewhere deep down inside, there’s a screenplay by Leigh Brackett (The Big SleepRio Bravo); Altman has lost it in his improvisation, but it does give this 1973 film a firm, classical shape that eludes his other work.

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How The Knick transformed the streets of Manhattan into old New York.

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Seann William Scott being TOO adorable in Goon (Michael Dowse, 2011)

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Films in 2014—#205 Goon (Michael Dowse, 2011)


Tommy (1975)

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Vic + Flo Saw A Bear (Denis Côté, 2013)

Films in 2014—#204 Vic + Flo Saw A Bear (Denis Côté, 2013)

Real Film Radicals

A video tribute to radical filmmakers’ calls to action as the New York film series ‘Cinema of Resistance’ takes off.

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Bechdel, Winnicott & Sondheim.

Another stunning moment from “Are You My Mother?”


Things in this world that are wonderful: James Wong Howe’s cinematography in Sweet Smell of Success.

james wong howe in general


Bela Lugosi in Murders in the Rue Morgue (1932)

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